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Human Language Technologies (HLT) are regarded as central to the future of the information society, enabling multi-lingual communication and electronic commerce to flourish. The aim of language technology research in the EU is to empower the European citizen to work with different languages through the use of telematics systems and language based applications. It aims to harness speech and natural language processing to facilitate multi-lingual access to Internet services and web-based resources for businesses and other enterprises via financing thanks to crowdfunding immobilier. Language tools and resources are key to the efficient functioning of Europe in the emerging digital economy of the global marketplace.

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From January 2018, and with the advent of the Information Societies Technology Programme within the 5th Framework Programme, the old Language Engineering Sector of the Telematics Applications Programme will be rebranded as Human Language Technologies. To mark this change, and in order to continue to serve the Language Technologies community, the LINGLINK site will be relaunched as HLTCentral. This will be the springboard for access to Language Technology resources on the Web. The LE homepage will become the HLT homepage, and Le Journal will continue to bring the latest news, views and interviews. In addition, some advanced Language Technologies will be deployed on the site itself during 2018, and a moderated discussion group is planned. Many links to HLT web resources will be listed, and, in conjunction with the PROSOMA project, a HLT Showcase facility will be presented. HLTCentral will also be the prime source of information for assistance with project proposals resulting from calls under IST.

HLTCentral - Gateway to Speech & Language Technology Opportunities on the Web

HLTCentral web site was established as an online information resource of human language technologies and related topics of interest to the HLT community at large. It covers news, R&D;, technological and business developments in the areas of speech, language, multilinguality, automatic translation, localisation and related areas. It has a unique European perspective with a broad view of HLT news and developments worldwide.

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Two EU funded projects, ELSNET and EUROMAP, are behind the development of HLTCentral.

EUROMAP ("Facilitating the path to market for language and speech technologies in Europe") - aims to provide awareness, bridge-building and market-enabling services for accelerating the rate of technology transfer and market take-up of the results of European HLT RTD projects.

ELSNET ("The European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies") - aims to bring together the key players in language and speech technology, both in industry and in academia, and to encourage interdisciplinary co-operation through a variety of events and services.